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Technical Parameter

 T2250 deep hole drilling and boring machine According to the length of the workpiece, the product uses two kinds of processing technology: the short workpiece is hydraulically pushed by the pressure head and supply oil by pressure head; the long workpiece is clamped by  four-jaw chuck  and oil supply from end of boring tube. The pressure head adopts an innovative spindle type structure, which greatly improves the load-bearing performance and has higher rotation precision. The bed rail adopts a double rectangular guide rail suitable for deep hole processing machine tools, which has large bearing capacity and good guiding precision; the guide rail has been quenched and has high wear resistance. It is suitable for boring and burnishing processing in machine tool manufacturing, ship building, coal mining, hydraulic, power machinery, pneumatic machinery and other industries, so that the workpiece roughness reaches 0.4-0.8m. According to the workpiece condition, this series of deep hole boring machine can choose the following working forms: 1. workpiece rotation, tool rotation and  feed movement; 2. workpiece rotation, tool no rotation  only   feed  ; 3. workpiece does not rotate , tool rotation and feed.

Basic process performance of the machine:

1) The machine can do the drilling, boring, expanding and burnishing of the inner hole.

2) During machining, the workpiece rotates and the tool feeds. The cutting fluid enters the cutting zone through the pressure head, cooling, lubricating the cutting zone and taking away the chips.

3) The method of chip removal BTA is used when drilling. When boring, the process of cutting fluid and discharging chips in the  boring tube for cutting fluid forward (bed end) is adopted.

4) According to the needs of the processing technology, drills, boring box, and tool rotation can be installed. Reduce the workpiece speed, improve processing efficiency and ensure processing quality.

5) Machining accuracy of machine tools:

When rough: The aperture accuracy is IT9-10. Surface roughness: Ra6.3.

Fine boring precision: aperture accuracy IT8-9. Surface roughness: Ra3.2.

When burnishing: The aperture accuracy is IT8-9. Surface roughness: Ra0.2.

Straightness of the machined hole: less than 0.15/1000mm.

The deviation of the machined hole: less than 0.5/1000mm.

6) Machine tool processing efficiency:

Cutting speed: determined according to the tool structure, material and workpiece material, generally 50-100m/min.

Feed speed: determined according to the processing conditions, generally 20-100mm/min.

Maximum machining  stock removal at the time of boring: determined according to the tool structure, material and workpiece, generally not more than 30mm.


Technical data







Boring diameter


Max drilling diameter


Max.boring depth


Workpiece clamped dia.range



Height from spindle center to bed


Spindle bored diameter


Taper of spindle bore

Metric 140#

Range of spindle bore



Feed speed range(infinite)


Carriage rapid-moving speed



Main motor power

30KW,n=960 r/min

Hydraulic pump motor power

1.5KW ,n=1440 r/min

Carriage rapid motor power


Feed motor power

7.5KW AC servo

Cooling pump motor power

5.5KW  3 group


Rated pressure of cooling system


Flow of cooling system

300 600  900L/min

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