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Transformation of deep hole drilling and boring machine with lathe

Technical Parameter

Transformation of deep hole drilling and boring machine with lathe
 The machine tool is cw61125 lathe bed, head. According to the principle of deep hole drilling and boring machine, it is a special processing equipment for processing cylindrical deep hole workpiece.
 The workpiece of the oil feeder is tightened and clamped with the domestic advanced hydraulic device. The instrument shows that it is safe and reliable. The workpiece has high precision, low reject rate, high efficiency and high quality. The adjustment speed is simple and fast, the motor power is small, the cost is low, and the investment is small.
 Because of its low cost and short installation and operation period, the common lathe has been accepted by many manufacturers. Our company's professional and technical personnel have rich experience in transformation. They can make special machines and design cutting tools according to customers' product requirements. Cost savings for customers.

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