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Technical Parameter

 2MK2135 deep hole honing machine is suitable for honing  cylindrical deep hole workpieces, such as various hydraulic cylinders,  and other precision pipe fittings. The processing diameter  accuracy can reach IT7~IT8 or above, the surface roughness can reach Ra0.2-0.4μm, and the roundness can reach 0.02mm or more. Partial  honing can be used to correct the hole taper, ellipticity and partial aperture error of the workpiece.

The machine  honing box adopts two shifts stepless speed regulation, and the servo motor drives the sprocket and the chain to realize the reciprocating movement of the honing head, and can control the position of the honing. At the same time, the rack and pinion and the slider are used, which have high service life and high precision. The honing head is expanded by hydraulic constant pressure, and the honing force of the honing stone is stable, so as to ensure the roundness of the workpiece. The honing pressure can be adjusted as needed. Other configurations of the machine such as hydraulic valves and automatic lubrication stations use famous brand products. The machine is equipped with CNC system to control machine movements.

When honing the workpiece is fixed, honing head rotates and reciprocating feeds, honing oil is supplied from both ends of workpiece and also form inside of honing tube.

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