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Special deep hole drilling machine for processing wind turbine spindle

Technical Parameter

Special deep hole drilling machine for drilling wind  turbine spindle
 Dezhou Hongxin Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has completed the transformation on the basis of the original deep hole drilling and boring machine according to the processing characteristics of the wind power spindle. It can complete drilling, boring, expanding, rolling and trepanning of inner hole. During machining, the workpiece rotates at a low speed and the tool feeds. The cutting fluid enters the cutting area through the pressure head (during drilling) or boring bar (during boring), cools and lubricates the cutting area and takes away the chips. During drilling, the BTA internal chip removal process is adopted. When boring, adopt the technology of cutting fluid supply in the boring bar to discharge cutting fluid and iron scraps forward (head end). When the solid core workpieces are processed by trepanning, the technological form of chip removal is adopted. The machine tool is equipped with drill box, the workpiece and tool rotate at the same time, reducing the rotation speed of workpiece, improving the processing efficiency and ensuring the processing quality.
Technical parameters of machine tool:
 Boring diameter range: Φ 200 - Φ 500mm

 Drilling diameter range: Φ 60 - Φ 100mm
Working clamping diameter range: 300-650mm
Spindle center height: 625mm

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