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Special deep hole drilling machine for oil drill collar

Technical Parameter

Special deep hole drilling machine for oil drill collar
The main processing performance and characteristics of the machine tool:

1) the machine tool is a special deep hole drilling machine designed and manufactured for drilling and machining the inner hole of oil drill collar. The technology and particularity of deep hole drilling of oil drill collar are fully considered in the design.

2) the machine is suitable for deep hole drilling of ultra long workpieces, and the length diameter ratio of drilling inner hole can reach 150-200. The maximum drilling depth of the machine tool is 10 m to 15 m.

3) the machine is suitable for deep hole drilling and boring of 42CrMo, 35CrMo and 4145 alloy materials after tempering. Generally, the hardness of workpiece is not greater than HB320.

4) when machining drill collars, the commonly used cutting speed is 60-100m / min. The feed speed is 60-100mm / min. Taking drilling 71.4mm hole as an example, the rotating speed of workpiece is 60R / min, and the rotating speed of cutter is 320r / min. Drilling feed speed is 80-100mm / min. Drilling 9.7 meters long workpiece, processing time in about two hours.

5) considering the thermal expansion deformation of long workpiece during deep hole drilling, compensation structure is adopted in the design.

6) the machine tool is equipped with headstock and drill pipe box. During machining, the cutter and workpiece rotate relative to each other at the same time, and only the cutter or workpiece can rotate.

7) during drilling, the internal chip removal process method (BTA method, the cutting fluid reaches the cutting area through the gap between the oil feeder, cutter bar and workpiece, lubricates and cools the cutting area, and the wrapped chip is discharged into the chip box through the drill pipe internal hole and chip removal bucket).

8) during boring, the cutting fluid enters the boring bar inner hole through the end of the boring bar (the end of the main shaft of the drill pipe box), reaches the cutting area of the tool, lubricates and cools the cutting area, and wraps the chips at the head end of the workpiece and flows into the chip box through the chip hopper.

9) adopt numerical control device to control each movement and action sequence of the machine tool, and accurately control the depth of drilling or boring.

10) the circular center frame with motor device is adopted to facilitate the installation and adjustment of workpieces and save auxiliary working time.

11) after the workpiece is straightened (the bending amount is less than 2mm), the outer circle and end face do not need to be processed, and drilling processing is carried out after direct installation. Save auxiliary working time.

The main technical performance of the machine tool:

1) drilling diameter range: Ф 40-100mm.

2) maximum boring diameter: Ф 500mm.

3) maximum processing workpiece depth: 10m-15m

4) center height of main shaft: 500mm.

5) working feed speed range (stepless speed regulation): 10-400mm / min

6) fast moving speed: 2m / min

7) coolant flow (Level 4): 100, 200, 300, 400L / min

8) rated pressure of cooling system 2.5MPa

9) main motor power: 30KW

10) drill pipe box motor: 30KW

11) total power of cooling pump motor: 5.5x4 = 22kw

12) feed motor power (AC servo): 7.5kw

13) fast motor power: 5.5kw
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