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The machine is specialized in machining cylindrical deep-hole workpieces, such as spindle holes for machine tools, various mechanical hydraulic cylinders, cylindrical through-holes for cylinders, blind holes and stepped holes. The processing accuracy can reach IT7~IT8 or above, and the surface roughness can reach Ra0.4μm. The machine tool can not only undertake drilling and boring, but also can perform burnishing , and the internal chip removal (BTA)method is used for drilling. The machine bed is rigid and has excellent precision. The spindle has a wide range of speeds, and the feed system is driven by an AC servo motor, which can adapt to the needs of various deep hole machining processes. The pressure head is fastened and the workpiece is tightly clamped with hydraulic device. The instrument display is safe, stable and reliable. The workpiece has high precision, low waste rate, high efficiency and excellent quality. The adjustment speed is simple and quick, the motor power is small, the cost is low, and the investment is small, which can replace the special machine function.



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