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Skiving and roller burnishing head (pneumatic type)

The SRB-PN type Skiving and roller burnishing  head is suitable for the processing technology of  pushing boring and draw back burnishing. When the cylinder is machined, the rolling is synchronously processed in the same process and formed by one time. This tool is the latest generation of high-efficiency deep hole machining tools independently developed by our company. The tool is equipped with a small cylinder to automatically control the expansion and contraction of the insert. The skiving diameter is precisely adjustable, the minimum fine adjustment is 0.005mm; the rolling interference is precisely adjustable, the minimum fine adjustment is 0.005mm, and the machining stock removal  is 0.5. Mm, processing diameter 40-400mm, the tool is used on deep hole Skiving and roller burnishing machine, the efficiency of processing cold draw tube is  20 times  honing processing, feed rate can reach 2m/min, rolling roughness is Ra 0.2um is especially suitable for precision deep processing of fine steel pipes with quenched and tempered non-tempered quality.

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