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Scraping and rolling boring head (hydraulic type)
Srb-hp scraping boring head adopts the processing technology of push boring and push rolling, and the boring rolling is carried out at the same time when the boring bar moves forward. It is a professional tool for machining hydraulic cylinder, single arm bracket and cold drawn tube. It is the latest generation of efficient deep hole machining tool independently developed by our company. A small oil cylinder is installed inside the tool. When the boring bar moves forward and feeds, it supplies hydraulic oil to drive the boring blade and roller to expand. When the boring bar moves backward, it unloads the oil pressure and the boring blade roller retracts. The minimum precision adjustment of the interference of fine boring and rolling is 0.005mm. The processing diameter range is φ 40 - φ 400 mm, which is especially suitable for precision deep processing of cold drawn pipes.

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